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Working at a PPV hospital means you maintain your independence while enjoying the benefits of having sister practices close by and a stable organization at your back. The individuality of each location yields strengths and opportunities to be leveraged for the benefit of all!

What Our Employees Have to Say

"I like the fact that each hospital is able to mostly govern themselves, but has the support of multiple hospitals. It is 'corporate' without the 'corporate feel.’"

"Having the buying power and business organization provided by PPV is a huge advantage - it's stable and brings lots of benefits. Keeping individual clinic autonomy keeps the advantages of a small business practice and client relationships."

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You couldn’t have timed it better! You are on the ground floor of a growing and innovating organization. You are able to grow alongside the organization that hasn’t forgotten who contributes to its success. You can grow, you are valued, and you can help shape the future of PPV.

What Our Employees Have to Say

"Still has a small business feel, and I enjoy the flexibility it may offer in regards to opening up future growth and opportunities within the company"

"Great team and overall organization that takes care of it's members. Feels like a family run team that continues to expand while maintaining that support."

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Join your colleagues and feel the pride of being part of a network of reputable and sought-after practices. You have been empowered to leave your mark on the community, and it is a difference you can feel. Not only does your work benefit the lives of individual pets and their people, but your hard work and dedication has made you a cornerstone of your pet community.

What Our Employees Have to Say

"[We have a] massive impact. It's not just our community either, we have impacts in lots of cities, some that are far away. People know us from a lot of places. People drive from really far away to come and see us."

"It’s a fantastic family friendly organization that delivers multiple opportunities for growth and is very loved by its community. They are diverse in medicine and make/take many opportunities to help learn and grow for their clients and their families."

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Veterinary Technician JobCherished Companions Animal ClinicCastle Rock, CO 88744

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Why You'll Love This Veterinary Technician Job at Cherished Companions Animal Clinic in Castle Rock, CO!  

Do you find fulfillment in going above and beyond for others and helping your organization succeed? Would you like to be able to use all your talents, rather than being treated as a “gopher?” Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? Do you get excited about bettering the lives of cats, dogs and their owners? We’ve got the opportunity for you!
About this Position
Cherished Companions is a veterinary clinic in Castle Rock, Colorado -- about 30 minutes south of Denver. With four veterinarians, our team specializes in the care of cats and dogs. We’re committed to delivering a comfortable, low stress experience for our pet clients and their owners, so they feel at ease from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.
We’re looking for a Veterinary Technician... Someone who loves being a part of something bigger than themselves. Someone who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that clients have an exceptional experience. Someone who has a strong sense of pride and ownership in the success of their veterinary clinic.  Our vet techs have a lot of day-to-day variety in their work, from assisting with surgeries, to conducting lab work, to facilitating appointments.

Veterinary Technician Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:
  • Cleaning teeth
  • Intubating patients and monitoring anesthesia
  • Drawing blood and placing catheters
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Being actively involved during client visits, such as asking pet history questions of pet owners
  • Educating pet owners
  • And more!

Veterinary Technician Qualifications 

Are We a Good Fit for Each Other? Our Ideal Candidates Have a(n):
We may be a great fit for each other if you have a:
  • Passion for customer service and pet healthcare (we’re all about helping pets and pet owners feel comfortable and at ease)
  • Positive attitude 
  • Strong work ethic
  • High level of energy and maturity
  • Ability to take initiative, multi-task and manage details
You also must have at least one of the following:
  • A CVT or associate’s degree in veterinary technology
  • A bachelor’s degree in science (biology, pre-veterinary, animal health and science, etc.)
  • A bachelor’s degree in another subject area with prior work experience in veterinary medicine
  • Must be available to work 7:45 to 7 on weekdays, and every other Saturday 7:45 to 4
Why You’d Want This Position
  • The satisfaction of improving the lives of pets and their owners
  • The ability to “play” daily with dogs and cats
  • Interesting variety in your day-to-day work
  • Competitive wages based on your experience + education
  • Range of benefits, including health care, vision care, dental care, holiday pay, earned vacation time, discounted pet care, a retirement program with a company match, and more
  • Training so you feel comfortable with our processes
  • Culture with low drama
  • Great group of people working as a team (and a chance to establish good friendships)
How to Apply
To apply, drop off or email your resume and cover letter or fax to 303-688-8595. Please include three references from previous employers.
To learn more about Cherished Companions, please visit: http://ccanimalclinic.com

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